Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pru Bsn Takaful Lancar 3 produk terbaru

Kuala Lumpur, 1 September 2010 – Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad (PruBSN) today announces the launch of three innovative and dynamic plans – PruBSN Protect, PruBSN ProtectPlus and PruBSN CrisisCover.

PruBSN Protect is a term takaful plan that provides a longer protection term until 80 years old compared to a maximum of 65 years old typically found in the current market.

PruBSN ProtectPlus is an enhanced version of PruBSN Protect whereby the sum covered increases by 5% every three certificate-years. This unique feature will help participants of the plan to be protected against inflation.

PruBSN CrisisCover, on the other hand, provides protection against 36 types of critical illness with the option to provide the covered person’s beneficiaries with a monthly income for up to 120 months in the event of the demise of the person covered.

On the launch of these three innovative plans, Mr Azim Mithani, Chief Executive Officer of PruBSN said, "These plans are aimed at allowing our customers to make financial provision for when the unforeseen things in life happens.

“Talking to our customers, we found that there is a strong need for an updated and enhanced form of protection. These plans were designed to meet these needs and reiterate our core strategy of being customer-centric, in terms of products as well as service and overall customer experience. Protection is a key part to financial planning, therefore, we believe no matter who you are and what your profession is, everyone must ensure that they have a protection level that they are satisfied with.

To make it easy for people to acquire protection we automatically accept applications for certain level of coverage. We are delighted to bring PruBSN Protect, Protect Plus and Crisis Cover to the market."

Both PruBSN Protect and ProtectPlus offer many benefits other than the basic coverage against loss of life such as total and permanent disability. They also provide longer term of coverage as compared to other similar plans in the current takaful market. The plan is available for children and adults from age 30 days old until 64 years old. A parent has the option of converting a child’s plan to an adult plan when the child reaches age 19. The monthly contribution for PruBSN Protect starts from as little as RM20 depending on your age when you take out the plan.

To enhance their coverage, participants can opt for supplementary benefits (riders) to protect themselves against accidental mishaps and loss of income via seven riders namely Accidental Death and Disablement, Accidental Medical Reimbursement, Weekly Indemnity, Family Income Benefit, Contributor, Parent Contributor (for the child’s plan) and Spouse Contributor (for the adult plan).

PruBSN CrisisCover is specially designed for those customers who want protection against critical illness.

“The medical costs associated with the treatment of critical illness can be very high. The cost to treat cancer, for example, may range from RM30,000 to RM40,000 depending on the stage of the cancer illness. The fact is, according to the Berita Harian (25 October 2005), one out of four Malaysians are susceptible to cancer. When someone is ill, the last thing he or she should be worried about is the cost of treatment. PruBSN CrisisCover can help you with the cost of treatment so that you only need to focus on getting better,” said Mr. Azim Mithani.

PruBSN CrisisCover offers protection against 36 types of critical illness, loss of life as well as total and permanent disability. Similar to PruBSN Protect, it also offers riders to enhance the coverage. The riders attachable to the plan are Family Income Benefit, Spouse Contributor and Parent Contributor. Contributions start from as little as RM20 per month.

Issued by: Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad

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